A post to pass the build

May 29, 2021 by Yihwan Kim. 1 min read.

Most of my web development projects follow the same tried-and-true roadmap:

  1. Think of a domain name.
  2. Buy the domain name.

That’s about it. Most ideas don’t go further than that. For the ones that do, I spend a few days (or weeks) mocking out a nice, or at least passable, design. But then, more projects get caught in the funnel.

A few projects end up getting built. They usually don’t live up to the grand aspirations that always accompany the initial domain-purchasing part of the process, but hey — at least they’re out there for the world to see.

That’s where this project is right now. It’s built! It’s live! Although, that’s only half the story. This project was most definitely not building when I first tried to make it live. That’s because I deleted all the placeholder posts (“Hello world”, “Goodnight moon”, and so on) I was using to make sure all the markdown was hydrating correctly. Gatsby sure did not like that.

Angry red text! Path does not exist! Build command failed! Oh bother.

I had a choice. I could either rejig my configuration file or just write a post. The latter seemed easier, so here we are. This is a post to pass the build.

It’s built! It’s live!

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