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Not too long ago, I packed my life into a 5x10ft closet in a quiet storage facility on the outskirts of Seattle. What was left went into a duffel bag and carry-on, and my nomadic life began. The world is a big place, and it seemed like such a waste to box my life into an apartment that wasn’t much bigger than the storage closet. So I took the leap, and here I am. I don’t know if I’ll do this forever, but I try not to worry about tomorrow when there’s so much to live for today. That’s why I decided to become a nomad — for now.

For Digital Nomads: South Lake Union (SLU) — Seattle, USA

Jun 21, 2021. 9 min read.

Welcome to Bezos land: filled with identical high-rises, a jungle of glass facades and steel skyscrapers. A relentless quest to sell everything has built an entire neighborhood — but at what cost?

For Digital Nomads: La Punta / Zicatela — Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Jun 19, 2021. 12 min read.

I’d heard so many good things about Puerto Escondido: the pristine beaches, low-key vibes, and beautiful sunsets. It’s a hidden gem, people would say — nothing like tourist-ridden Tulum. Sadly, it wasn’t for me.

When a 1:1 turns into a vent session

Jun 11, 2021. 7 min read.

I’m thankful this doesn’t happen often, but every now and then, a 1:1 — with a direct report, peer, or sometimes someone I’ve just met — becomes a vent session.

The anticlimax of becoming a Hyatt Globalist: Was it worth it?

Jun 7, 2021. 4 min read.

This is the first time I’ve actually earned top tier hotel status. Even when I traveled for work nearly every other week, back when SPG was still around and Hyatt’s reward program went by a more staid name, the top tiers of each program remained elusive and just out of reach.

Early learnings from an engineering manager on a fully remote team

Jun 3, 2021. 18 min read.

This week officially marks my 6 month milestone of leading a fully remote engineering team at Curology. It’s been fun; it’s been challenging; but above all, it’s been an incredible learning experience. This week also marks a year-plus of mandatory work from home. While strange at first, I’d say we’ve done all right. On my end, I’ve become an expert at unmuting myself before speaking and rocking the sweatpant office athleisure look like a pro.

On the Origin of Digital Nomads

May 31, 2021. 5 min read.

Digital nomad. Location independence. Remote work. Words that seemed foreign even a few years ago have tumbled into the mainstream — with no signs of slowing down. Where did they come from?

A post to pass the build

May 29, 2021. 1 min read.

Most of my web development projects follow the same tried-and-true roadmap: Think of a domain name. Buy the domain name. That’s about it. Most ideas don’t go further than that.

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